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The same access to the new LPAR BC4A may be achieved from PC/Console server PC 3270 emulation session, when go to Communication – Configure – Link Parameters – and set Host Name or IP address: (if LPAR BC4A /IP=

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Also see here for example ABAP code to select data from DB2_XCHG_LPAR.Right lets Virtualization: WPAR vs LPAR.

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23 Parallel Sysplex Overview (STG). 1. Vs. Architecture best practices.

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In non-VM installations, hardware Logical Partitioning (LPAR) support is widely viewed as an alternative to VM/ESA and its Multiple Preferred Guest (MPG) facilities. However, VM afficionados know that there must be a catch, since VM offers so much more. In fact, as this session explains, running VM in an LPAR can be a viable configuration option.